Taking the Power of Word of Mouth

Person to person is far and away the most powerful power in the marketplace. Yet it is the most unnoticed. Companies have vice presidents associated with sales, advertising and marketing, but there isn’t a single vice president of word of mouth in different corporation in the country.

Why is this? Most probably, because most people think they can’t perform much about word of mouth. Most entrepreneurs believe that word of mouth can’t be measured. They will believe that it can be influenced, to be sure, simply by advertising and other marketing media, yet can’t be influenced directly.

Word of mouth could be harnessed.
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It can be directly influenced, causing – under the right circumstances – a stampede of customers to your items that cannot be stopped by your rivals.

By “word of mouth, inch I mean informal conversations about services and products between people who are independent of the company providing the product or service, in a medium independent of the company.

In contrast, advertising can be communication of a message originated by company in media the company owns or rents. A sales message is a “company line” delivered with a representative of the company.

Word of mouth is much more credible than your most sincere salesman. It’s able to reach more individuals faster than advertising, direct mail and even the Internet, because it can spread like wildfire.

Even more important compared to its credibility, reach, speed and ability to break through the clutter will be its power to get people to behave. In study after study along with almost every category of buyer, word of mouth has been shown to be what is known as the proximal reason for purchase – the most recent thing that will happened before purchase. In other words, the purchase trigger. People tend to make main purchases on the advice of trusted peers or experts.

What is the power behind word of mouth? It is independence. If you ask most people why word of mouth is so powerful, they will tell you that it’s due to the objective, independent “no ax to grind” nature. A decision-maker is more likely to get the whole, undistorted truth from an independent third party than through someone who has a vested interest in marketing a point of view.

There is an additional, more complicated reason word of mouth is so powerful. When a person is deliberating about purchasing a product, he reaches a place where he wants to try the product. He wants to get real-world, low-risk experience. Up until then everything is informational, abstract and somewhat removed from real life.

Word of mouth is “live, ” not really canned like most company communication. Which makes it custom-tailored to the people who are participating in this. There’s no pitch; people are responding to questions, the ones the decision-makers are inquiring. Customers pay more attention to the message.

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