Best Beat Making Program for Newbie Hip Hop Producers

Producing hot beats take more than skill, it takes having a top beat making program that is easy to use and comes with all the features that encourages creativeness.

What to look for in a top beat producing program:

User friendly Interface
Edit Home window
Mixer Window
Sound Kits/ Loops
Master Area
User Friendly Interface

You want a program which has everything you need in front. You should be able to reach anywhere inside the program from striking one button or switch. Older programs and beat machines had sub menus that you had to click to reach editing and mixing functions (Korg Triton) that takes a lot time and may frustrate you.

Edit Window

A good beat making plan should intuitive editing capabilities such as: cut, paste, drag and fall files right into the beat making system. There should be easy access edit tools from drop down menu fast. A defeat making program should also have a loop functions, auto zoom, crop, do it again section, pencil tools, solo buttons etc . Bottom line an edit window should do exactly what it name says. EDIT!

Mixer Window

Once you’ve recorded your music, now it’s time for the next step, mixing up! The mixing section is Very Critical because this is the part that can make or break a song. A mixer section should have a track channel that can input inserts (plugins); most best beat making programs will have a standard EQ on every channel.

Your own beat software should also have a minimum of two sends and returns for the reverb and delay effects. Lastly, you want a way to create Aux busses for new track groups. The mixer section is what gives good beat software its power…


To create a good mix, you will need powerful effects and dynamic plugins to get the job down. Effects like: Reverb, Delays, Choruses, Compressors, Limiters, Equalizer, and master buss effects.

Sound Kits/Loops

Always remember, it starts with sound kits and loops. Quality sounds and loops will make mixing a breeze. In a beat program, you want master quality loops and sound kits, most excellent beat software will give you tons of sound kits and loops to get you started!
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A stable midi sequencer should have 16 midi tracks and versatile in connecting external gear to it. Most music production software works with midi keyboards; this is an overall must in beat production.


Today’s electronic music uses a lots of sampled music from other popular songs. Without a sampler, you are wasting your time and energy and money. A good sampler will help you to record audio into it, make auto chops, time stretch and pitch shift to change the sound and sense of the sample.

Master Section

The master section is where you finalize your own mix into a complete master plus bounce it down to two-track stereo for user consumption. A solid beat program will include master plugins; bounce options and a way to normalize your own files.


There are plenty of options on the beat software market to choose from. Exactly what is really exciting about beat applications is they are getting cheaper by using IOS devices. We are also seeing smaller beat program companies growing up on the internet offering some great software program for low prices and what’s great is you can download the software right to your desktop.

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