How to Determine the Best Hair Dryer For You

Among the numerous hair dryers available in the market, a person has got to be confused as to which one would give them the dream celebrity-like effect for their hair even without visiting the salon. If you came about this article to search for the best hair dryer for you, then you have hit the right spot.

First, you have to know that different types of hair respond to different types of blow dryers. Here is a simple guide on what you need to know when choosing the right dryer for you.

1. Invest on the right high-end hair blow dryers available in the market. Generally, cheaper ones have low prices because they generally use metal or plastic substances to for heating. Metal or plastic elements tend to burn intensely and are not recommended because they literally boil off the water from your hair. Thus find hair dryers that are made up of ceramic elements which can also be combined with ionic, tourmaline and nano-silver technology for best and safer hair care results

2. Ionic dryers mostly come with ceramic technology and they are good buys because they use negatively charged ions that lock in moisture and give strength for the hair. Low cost dryers use positively charged ions which can cause hair frizziness and reduces luster so steer clear from them.

3. Tourmaline dryers are also great because tourmaline stones are excellent producers of negative ions that get your hair dry in the shortest time possible. Not only that, you get shinier, sleeker results for you hair than your ordinary alternatives so think on investing in this type of hair dryer to avoid hair damage and waste of money.

4. As any hair dryer generally use electricity, you should be aware of the Electromagnetic field present on your chosen brand. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs have the possibility of damaging your health in the long run so choose those that have EMF levels of 0.5mg and below for safety and greener usage.

5. When it comes to usage of the hair dryer, it is always better to purchase one with cold shot settings so you can alternate the temperature and deliver premium salon-like results. Most professionals also recommend that dryers with multi-speed settings are best so you can control the pressure of heat that goes through your delicate hair strands.

6. If you want a hair dryer that dries your hair quickly, then choose those having 1300 watts and above because they work high speed any time of your busy day.

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7. For people who have curly hair, you ought to purchase dryers that come with diffusers so your curls won’t get flattened and you’ll have sexier locks. For those with straight hair, purchase one that comes with a concentrator so you can reveal the beauty of your hair.