Surgical Penis Enhancement

Many go through an entire life of low self confidence and poor self esteem as a result of having a small penis. One thing that links together with penis size is virility. This is why most men are on the hunt for any method to get enlargement and add some more inches. Many different things that come up in their search is penis pumps and implants that are surgically put into the penis. Surgical enhancement is something that may be dangerous and have many unwanted side effects. It is good for one type of small penis however. Before we get into this, take a look at how the procedure goes.

This type of surgery is not for every man with a small penis. If you suffer from things like bladder exastrophy, Peyronie’s disease, epispadias, hypospadias, or Micropenis then it may be necessary to seriously consider a surgery. Men that may have had damage done in this area or suffered some kind of very hard impact that has caused permanent issues may want to have penile enhancement surgery. Additionally, the male may get some sort of infection in the penis that requires medical attention for enhancement. These cases are different from men who just have a penis that is a little smaller than others.

Penis surgery has some scary side effects and this enhancement method is not the safest or most guaranteed to have permanent results. Some doctors will pay past patients to go promote the surgery that they had and get paid a little by the doctors to do so. This could happen if a man gets the enhancement procedure done and it doesn’t work right. The doctor may say to the patient that they will redo it if the patient goes and promotes the doctor’s surgery to other men. This is not legal or ethical.

There are more things to worry about with surgery. It might give you a bigger penis, but this will not lead to better sexual performance or increased libido. In the end it might turn into a large waste of money as well as time. Lets get into some complications that arise with enhancement surgery.

The first problem is called Re-fixation of suspensory ligament. In this surgery, your ligament that is made to suspend the penis is taken out and made larger with skin from your stomach. Then the ligament is put back on and to the origin and the extra skin makes your penis look bigger. Your penis will have side effects like instability when having erections and also resting at weird angles flaccid. It may be very embarrassing to look at.

The next procedure is called Lipectomy or liposuction of prepubic fat. This takes all of your extra fat around the pubic area and puts into right into your penis. The result is making your penis look bigger. Problems from this are great and include lots of extra bleeding, poor skin sensation, and high risk of infection. Common end results of these fat injections into the penis are bad. The worst thing that happens is when your body absorbs that fat back and your penis looks very lumpy.

Another penile enhancement surgery is called Skin Flap Reconstruction. This simply puts a small piece of skin from your pubic area and attaches it to the length part of your penis. Some bad things from this are hair growth where you have put the skin. Imagine having hair all the way up your penis. This is not good for sexual performance or pleasure. Scarring is also prevalent with this procedure which may have your penis looking smaller than the start.

Finally, there is something called Penile implants and gels. This is where gel type packets are injected into the penis or possibly inflatable implants are used instead. You get side effects like bodily rejection of implants and harsh infection.

As you can see all these very common penis enhancement surgeries are unsafe and have lots of side effects for men. A far better solution is male enhancement pills. Go with a natural approach to boost your penis size and male libido. If you want to get hardcore, there are things like penis extenders available that will improve your length and girth without any side effects or pain and scarring
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