What happens if There Are Bible Verses That Are Incorrect?

Everybody seems to enjoy Bible verses that are pleasant and make you feel good, but there are plenty of Bible verses that don’t make a lot of sense and often produce frustration for those who read them. We’ve never given it much thought, yet what if there are actually Bible verses that are wrong?

If one Bible verse is wrong, would there be other Bible verses that would be incorrect also? There are plenty of Bible verses that will suggest evil doings like homicide and killing in the Old Testament. It seems like the God of the Old Testament accepted these killings as long as people were doing it in his name. Try to make some sense out of that one

The God of the Old Testament was a complete different God. Jesus talked about loving our neighbors and loving our enemies. Does this mean that only God can tell us that to kill or can Lord instruct other man to tell all of us who to kill?
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If a single Bible verse says that we should do one thing and another Bible passage is telling us to do the alternative things, which ones are we going to believe.

I don’t want to sound like I’m ruining everyone’s party, but when are we going to start paying attention to the Bibles verses that avoid serve mankind in a positive method. When are we truly going to start looking at the Bible as a guide, instead of something that was written by an excellent entity that created the world?

I have got some bad news for those who believe that the Bible is the created word of God. It just might not be, what you think it is. It could have already been written by a few men, many centuries ago. I’m not telling you to stop believing everything that you have learned up to this point, I’m asking you to start training yourself about the origins of the Scriptures and early Christianity.

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