The Homak Gun Safe Advantage

For over 60 years, Homak gun safe continues to be the leading choice for gun safes. Backed by its patented secure design, and unparalleled credibility within manufacturing safes, in all shapes and sizes, the particular Homak brand remains to be the the majority of trusted maker of secure and reliable gun storage.
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Take a look at how people discovered these advantages.

The particular Brand

Known as the maker of economic climate security cabinets, the Homak brand solidified its name in gun safe manufacturing by offering cost-effective solutions to storing a variety of gun choices. The wide selection of Homak gun secure designs can accommodate hard-to-fit gun pieces such as the long guns. Depending on the size and shape of the safe you choose, you may fit this secure storage contrary to the wall and even in your closet. Lately, the brand unveiled its 10-gun model gun safe with five shelves at the rear to accommodate corner mounting. Offering economy, variety, ease and security in gun storage space – these are what the Homak brand name is all about.

Key Features

There are many design features that make every Homak secure a class above the rest; for instance, the 60-pound construction and selections associated with shapes and sizes make them easy to bolt to the floor or against the wall. Not just are they difficult to locate, they are also hard to detach, making it virtually impossible become accessed by thieves.

Unlike various other brands who already succumbed to hi-tech fingerprint scans and other bio check out features, this brand stays true to the essence of highly secure mechanised key lock safes. The brand still uses two locks upon each cabinet door, one on the top and on at the bottom, making them inaccessible to possible theft by means of drilling or punching. And since all locks are made highly secure with its full-length welded, pinned and hinged body, there’s no way for your children and other youthful members of your family to open the particular safe and get their unsuspecting hands on your guns.

Make the Most of Homak Gun Safe

Although you can virtually match the ever-reliable Homak safe in any space in your home, installing the product inside your closet is highly recommended. This will keep your prized gun collection as well as your gun storage far from the eyes associated with potential thieves. Also, in case of robbery, hiding the safe in the privacy of your closet will make them very hard to locate.

Whether you are a newbie or a long time gun collector, putting your hard earned money on a Homak safe is certainly a wise decision in securing every piece of your collection. Not only is this item reliable, it is also made water and fire resistant, which means there’s no way for nature or man to wreck your gun collection. Unlike other gun safe brands, the Homak brand remains to be true to what realy works and what lasts when it comes to gun safes. No need to be fancy with your gun storage. Let Homak safe look after your gun storage needs.

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